the team.

We are a small team of problem solvers and creative thinkers with a big passion for meaningful standout solutions.

Some companies out there prefer to take the easy way out and source their designs from third-party solutions.

We work closely with the clients to gain an understanding of their audience and an insight into their likes, dislikes and desired outcomes.

Being able to sit down with the client, understand their vision and build upon it, creates not only a great client to company relation, but makes sure that the designers do not have to read between the lines. So the final product turns out like it was always meant to.

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P. Creative Director

P, the “Creative Cat” known for her laid-back nature and efficiency, has an eye for anything and everything design!

Starting her design life in Melbourne, she had the pleasure of working with companies such as Holey Moley Golf Club, Strike Bowling Bar and Sky Zone Australia. Now finding herself in New South Wales, like a sponge, she is soaking up new skills and experiences every single day.

Full of ideas, she strives to achieve designs that are bold yet strikingly simplistic for universal use.

With her team of creative thinkers, she brings big visual impact to each project through her creative flair.

Colby. Business Manager

Colby, “The All-Rounder” is a hyperactive, larger-than-life human! Having worked for various industries over many years, Colby has developed strong communication and resourceful problem-solving skills. His knowledge allows him to assist with a variety of work.

Starting his IT career in Port Macquarie, after 3 years, he then embraced a change of pace and started working in sales and the mining industry. Having worked for small businesses to larger companies such as KPMG, Essential Energy, SHAPE Australia, and Fun-Lab, all these companies being fast-paced and forever implementing processes to improve business functions; this has had a huge impact on his career and in shaping his work ethic and knowledge today.

Colby is a customer-focused thinker that will provide, implement, and monitor to help grow your business from start-up to a multinational corporation.

Luke. Lead Developer

Luke, the “Code Wrangler”, is passionate about making performant, accessible, beautifully designed websites for our clients.

Always wanting to learn more, he spends a lot of his free time keeping up to date with the fast-paced world of web development, learning about the latest technologies, best practices, as well as design and UX.

When he’s not wrangling code, he’s wrangling children — he has 7 in total, 3 of his own, and 4 awesome step kids.

Andrew. Junior Developer

Andrew is a lifelong computer geek, who has always been interested in programming and software design, and recently caught the web development bug.

He continually strives to stay on top of the latest software technologies, while his analytical personality inspires him to always search for elegant and efficient software solutions.

Outside of programming, he has also worked as a professional musician, and enjoys writing and performing for various instruments.